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Elizabeth Julia Nixon 1882-1951

Elizabeth Julia Nixon was the second eldest daughter of John Nixon (1860-1921) and Elizabeth Julia Nixon (1859-1928). She was born on the 17th October 1882 at Barnsbury, London and she appears on the 1891 census as an eight-year-old child living with her parents at 212 Cronnfield Road (or possibly, Crownfield Road) in Wanstead. John Nixon is recorded as a wheelwright and he and Elizabeth had five children living with them. In age order they are recorded as: Lily L Nixon(aged 10), Elizabeth Nixon (aged 8), Edgar A Nixon (aged 4), Mabel E Nixon (aged 2), and John F Nixon (aged eight months).

By the time the 1901 census was taken the family had moved to 49 Adelaide Road, Leyton. The census records John Nixon (a wheelwright's wheel-maker) and Elizabeth living with their ten children: Lily E Nixon (aged 20), Elizabeth J Nixon (aged 18 and working as a bookbinder's sewer), Blanche G Nixon (aged 17), Edgar A Nixon (aged 14), Mabel E Nixon (aged 12), John F Nixon (aged 10), Walter L Nixon (aged 8), Sidney H Nixon (aged 6), Alfred A Nixon (aged 4), and Ethel B Nixon (aged 1).

In 1904 Elizabeth married Ernest James (b.1882), their marriage recorded in the West Ham district in the third quarter of that year.

When the 1911 census was taken, Elizabeth and Ernest were living at 15 Esther Road, Leytonstone. Ernest's occupation is recorded as "bookbinder" and so it would seem possible that when the 1901 census was taken Elizabeth had, in fact, been Ernest's assistant. Also living at 15 Esther Road was a boarder, Miss Florence Barringham, aged 43, and two children: Florence and Lily Perring aged nine and seven. 

Ernest and Elizabeth, both aged 28 in 1911, had had no children by the time that census was taken, and I have found no evidence of any children from their marriage. She and Ernest both appear on the 1939 Register living at The Hermitage, Ongar, Essex. Ernest is recorded as a commercial traveller and also living at the same address is Richard James, born in 1861, who was possibly Ernest's father.

Elizabeth Julia James died, I believe, in 1951, her death registered at Epping in the third quarter of that year. She was 68 years old.

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